The Juantanamos

The Juantanamos is an eclectic San Antonio, Texas rock band that was formed in 2009 by John Agather and Ryan Chadek. The pair started writing and recording original material in early 2010. After auditioning a number of talented musicians, the group began to take shape forming what is now a seven piece band.

Each band member brings a unique flair which allows a wide variety of musical influences. From classic rock, grunge, blues, progressive, indie and electronic; the band draws on each talent to craft a sound that defies categorization and gives each song its own unique identity.

The Juantanamos are: John Agather (acoustic rhythm guitar), Ryan Chadek (electric guitar), Michael Carey (drums), Daniel Elliott (keyboards), brother/sister Conor and Kate Gober (bass & percussion respectively), and Albert Steves (electric guitar.) The group also enlisted the audio engineering talents of Art Guillermo Jr. as their final, integral piece of the puzzle.